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A Concert for Recorder, Flute and Piano


Saturday, September 17 at 7:30pm

We're excited to welcome recorderist and flutist Anna Laufenberg and pianist Stefan Simrock. Organized chronologically, the concert will begin with works from the late Renaissance and Baroque eras, featuring a range of voices from the recorder family – popular instruments of the time. Laufenberg performs the soprano, alto and G-alto recorders on works by Robert Woodcock, Jacob van Eyck and Arcangelo Corelli. Moving to the classical, romantic and contemporary periods, the flute will appear as it did when the recorder lost popularity in the 19 th century, with works by Jardany Pal, Emile Pessard, Eugene Bozza and Christopher Caliendo. Simrock will also perform solo piano works by Alessandro Scarlatti and Beethoven.

Anna Laufenberg started playing the recorder as a child, developing a passion for the particular sweet and soft sounding instrument. She studied music at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory in Mainz, Germany where she received her BA for recorder, piano and early childhood music education. Her passion is playing music of the Renaissance and Baroque era in which the recorder flourished and was very popular all over Europe. For many years she performed with the early music group ‘La Fontegara' in Mainz playing on period instrument reproductions. In order to explore the music of the classic and romantic period she learned to play the Western concert flute that evolved from the single keyed wooden flute of the 19th century. Besides playing and performing music, Laufenberg also taught music to children age 2 to 6 for more than twenty years and developed her own preschool curriculum based on ideas of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly and Jaques Dalcroze.

Stefan Simrock is a German Scientist who is currently working on the solution to the world's energy problem at the international ITER project in southern France. Simrock grew up in Limburg, Germany where he learned to play the piano as a child, and later the organ. After receiving his Ph.D. in physics in Darmstadt, Germany in 1989 he joined the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia. During this time he continued his studies in piano and pipe organ with Kathy Combs in Williamsburg, Virginia. Moving back to Hamburg, Germany, Simrock studied with Andreas Maurer on the North German Baroque organ. He has also studied the pipe organ, focusing on French Romantic organ music, with Chantal de Zeeuw, the titular organist at the cathedral of Aix-en-Provence. Now, since joining the team at ITER in southern France, he has become a member of the amateur musicians of haute provence where he regularly performs in recitals with piano solo, chamber music and accompanying singers.

Tickets are $20 with a pre-concert dinner available for $25. Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail us for reservations or more information.

This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2016, celebrating public funding for the arts.


Phone: 802-247-4295