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Ian Ethan Case - "The Beast" Tour


Saturday, May 13 at 7:30pm

Following a busy 2016 which included his first tour of Europe, two performances with a full symphony orchestra, and roughly 39,000 miles of concert travel within the US alone, acoustic double-neck guitarist and Candyrat recording artist Ian Ethan Case presents a new tour for 2017, previewing music from his upcoming album Earth Suite and featuring a never-before-seen custom instrument affectionately dubbed "The Beast".

Joining Ian will be live looping and electronics specialist Stephanie Case , adding even more sonic and orchestrational variety to the mix.

This new instrument incorporates newly developed "acoustic synthesis" technology from American inventor Paul Vo and was co-designed by Case and private luthier Wade Sylvester. It took over 7 years to build. With an array of tuning levers allowing for accessing hundreds of tunings on the fly, along with sophisticated electromagnetic technology that physically manipulates the vibration of the 12 strings, be prepared to hear other-worldly sounds you've never imagined coming from a guitar—double-neck or otherwise.

Case is increasingly gaining recognition both for his unique instrumental compositions and for the highly original playing methods which are required to perform them. Don Ross, a two-time winner, U.S. National Fingerpick Guitar Competition, describes his experience with Case: “Some of the most massively inventive musicianship I've ever heard/seen.”

One of only about five musicians worldwide to tackle the double-neck guitar in earnest, Case fluidly combines a variety of self-invented playing techniques necessitated by his multi-layered compositions, which, taken together, have begun to establish the instrument's musical validity perhaps more so than the work of any other artist. While audiences consistently remark on the fascinating visual aspects of watching Case play “as he rambunctiously weaves between fretboards, slapping and tapping the sounds of the guitar to life seemingly effortlessly in a style that you've likely never seen before” (Port Orchard Independent), his unusual methods are simply byproducts of the rich, heartfelt, and powerfully uplifting music that he composes.

This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2017, celebrating arts in Vermont.

Tickets are $20 with a pre-concert dinner available for $25. Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail us for reservations or more information.


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