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R.D. King


Saturday, September 2 at 7:30pm

A genre-defying, fingers-blazing guitarist from Boston, R.D. King's acoustic guitar performances fuse pop melodies, metal rhythms, folk fingerstyle, and hints of jazz harmony. King is touring the New England region following the April 2017 release of his newest album, ‘vs. Self'. King's audiences describe his music as passionate, powerful, deeply memorable and—at times—extraordinary; and as Red Line Roots describes, he has some skill with a guitar: "[King's] penchant for flair and lightning-quick fretboard work left me with my jaw on the floor."

Using only instrumental music, King creates compelling narratives and emotional experiences. Through composing and performing, he explores life, consciousness, and meaning, grappling with questions of individual and shared experience. Listening to King's music is an emotional and introspective journey that is difficult to parse into genre or tradition. The Deli Magazine described ‘vs. Self' as "an album of masterfully crafted instrumentals... It's easy to get lost in the genre-defying work of King, with each track taking you to a different, unexpected place, from classical to pop to progressive metal and beyond."

King draws inspiration from literature, philosophy, psychology, and meditation. Born into a family of writers, artists, and musicians, King has always turned to creative process as the framework for introspection and growth. Trained in classical guitar performance at the Ithaca College of Music, King is a full-time performing musician and has performed at The Spire Center, Club Passim, The Burren, and other quintessential venues across New England. He was the First Place Winner of the 2017 Canadian Guitar Festival Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. He has performed nationwide, opening for renowned artists Andy McKee and Liz Longley, among others."

This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2017, celebrating arts in Vermont.

Tickets are $20 with a pre-concert dinner available for $25. Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail us for reservations or more information.


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