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Grant Stinnett


Saturday, November 11 at 7:30pm
Watch a live performance

Grant Stinnett shares the deepest dreams, fears, pains, and joys in his life through his music, but that's only the start for this powerful songsmith-on-the-rise. The contemporary singer-songwriter has a passion for creating a powerful full-band sound with a single acoustic guitar. Through the use of a customized guitar, and looper pedal, Stinnett blows the stage away with bass-lines, guitar, drums, lead vocals and backup vocals all at the same time. Phish's Mike Gordon described Grant as "Brilliantly energetic and mournfully soulful at the same time. A real one-two punch of a performance.”

Setting aside the staggering physical feat of being a contemporary one-man band, Stinnett's rich, heart wrenching lyricism and command of blissful harmony reaches deep inside a listener to create a world within the heart where the music maker paints dreams to life. He believes that every person feels a need somewhere deep inside to connect with one another and positively affect one another in some way, and he uses music as an emotional vehicle to speak a deeper truth. “Music is the purest form of emotional language I've ever known”, he says. “It has a way of transmitting true feelings to people no matter the language they were taught to understand. When I'm on stage playing my music for people, I feel emotionally free in a way I don't seem to experience anywhere but the stage.”

With a following of over 90,000 fans on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and video views ranging in the millions, Stinnett's growing popularity is clearly apparent. Recent tours have included shows at The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Tupelo Music Hall (NH), Berklee College of Music (Boston), and other quintessential venues across New England.

This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2017, celebrating arts in Vermont.

Tickets are $20 with a pre-concert dinner available for $25. Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for the show. Venue is BYOB. Call (802) 247-4295 or e-mail us for reservations or more information.


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