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CD RackOur CD Store is now located at the Compass Music and Arts Center. It is a Vermont classical music store selling a diverse selection of music released through the internationally acclaimed Divine Art Recordings Group, as well as selected CDs by Vermont-based musicians.

An enterprising and inventive classical music record company, Divine Art was established by Stephen Sutton in England in 1993. Divine Art has published over 500 CDs of classical music from the 15th to 21st Centuries on its four major record labels, performed by over 150 artists from around the world, and also has a new and growing label for modern jazz.

Divine Art also specializes in arranging first ever recordings of recently discovered works by major composers and has also launched a series of digitally re-mastered vintage radio dramas on its Heritage Media label. Divine Art has acquired the Metier, Dunelm, and Athene record labels, broadening their artist and composer scope to span the globe. In 2008, Divine Art opened their United States division and all the company's global operations are managed from here in Brandon, Vermont.