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Swim Team's Jazz comes to Brandon Music


Playing pop- and indie-inspired jazz music, the New York City based group called Swim Team, comes to Brandon Music on Saturday, January 11th at 7:30pm.

Swim Team is a collective quartet featuring four Boston-area natives: brothers Casey (saxophone) and Elliot Berman (bass), Mike Sink (piano), and Tim Merle (drums). After playing for almost six years now, Swim Team has developed an organic and unique aesthetic and a rare chemistry for a group of such a young age. Above all else, Swim Team is current, fusing elements of the New York jazz scene and studio techniques and sensibilities to create music that has structure and punch, but keeps an in-the-moment spark. Hear their sound at

Tickets are $15. A pre-concert dinner is also available for $15. Reservations are required for dinner and highly recommended for the show. Contact us at (802)465-4071 or via e-mail. Venue is BYOB.

Swim Team



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